Frequently Asked Questions


Who can purchase a firearm from Specialty Arms II?


Handguns can only be purchased by Tennessee residents, full-time students of a TN college, or military personel (stationed in TN with a copy of orders) at least 21 years old. Rifles and shotguns can be purchased by persons at least 18 years old if they are residents of TN or another state that has the same purchase laws as Tennessee.


What is required to purchase a firearm?


The TBI (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation) handles all background checks for Tennessee and charges a fee of $10 per transaction (not per gun).  The customer must provide a valid ID with photo (if no photo is available, a secondary government approved ID is necessary in conjuction). Please note that the ID must have the correct current address.  The customer must also complete an ATF form 4473.

 3.  What type of ID is accepted?
  If it is not expired, we can use any one of the following: TN state issued driver's license, TN handgun carry permit, TN ID only, US passport, military ID (with orders), TN college ID.  If your current address on the ID is incorrect, you can present a TN hunting/fishing license or vehicle registration as a secondary ID.  Resident Alien cards are needed if the buyer is not a US citizen.  
4. Do you special order firearms?
  We strive to get the customer the gun of their choosing.  If it is possible, we will special order for you.
5. Can you complete a gun transfer from a dealer in another state?
  We receive transfers and can do a transfer to another dealer.  Contact us to learn about necessary forms to be completed in advance as well as fees to be paid.
6. Do you have a layaway service?
  Our layaway service requires a 20% deposit.  There is no fee if the full amount is paid within 30 days.  If unpaid, within each 30 day period there is a 2% service charge on the unpaid balance. After 90 days of NO payments, the gun will be returned to stock and deposits forfeited.

We intend to keep this site up to date with valid information.  However, laws and regulations change periodically.  Please be patient with us as we do our best to serve you and follow the goverment's decrees.